In the Beginning

     In the beginning, the universe was empty of life. There were no galaxies, no planets or no stars within its confines. For yes, the universe for all its vastness has limitations. What lay beyond those limitations was unknown, even to the tree of life.
     The tree of life was the only entity to reside in this vast expanse of empty space. She considered herself and entity of life but not life. For it would be from her that all life began and it would be with her that all life ends.
     Now was the time to begin.
     Slowly she spread her awareness out until it reached the forbidding. What was the forbidding? She didn't know. It has existed for as long as she has. And not knowing how, but she knew that it would exist until the point that she cease to exist.
     Why was the forbidding there? What had created it? What lay beyond the forbidding boundaries? These were questions that even the tree could not answer. Her awareness couldn't penetrate it enough to tell. All she knew was that it surrounded her like a perfect sphere and she was right in its center.