• In the Beginning

    In the beginning, the universe was empty of life. There were no galaxies, no planets or no stars within its confines. For yes, the universe for all its vastness has limitations. What lay beyond those limitations was unknown, even to the tree of life.

    The tree of life was the only entity to reside in this vast expanse of empty space. She considered herself and entity of life but not life. For it would be from her that all life began and it would be with her that all life ends.

    Now was the time to begin.

    Slowly she spread her awareness out until it reached the forbidding. What was the forbidding? She didn't know. It has existed for as long as she has. And not knowing how, but she knew that it would exist until the point that she cease to exist.

    Why was the forbidding there? What had created it? What lay beyond the forbidding boundaries? These were questions that even the tree could not answer. Her awareness couldn't penetrate it enough to tell. All she knew was that it surrounded her like a perfect sphere and she was right in its center. 

    Slowly she withdrew her awareness and concentrated on the task at hand. She withdrew a single seed and watched it grow. She began to teach it everything it needed to know and by the time it reached its full growth she was satisfied with the teachings. Before her stood what we mortals would come to know as a dragon. This dragon was gold in color and of such a nature that it seemed to glow.

    Her awareness reached out to the gold dragon that sat in front of her. “You are of my spirit, the first of all life to come. You will be known as the father to all for you will be like a father to all.  Upon you rest the teachings of all life to come. You will be the hands that I do now have. You'll be my voice and implant that which I have taught you on to those who follow. From them we shall begin planting the seeds of life.”

    The tree slowly withdrew hundreds of seeds and passed them on to the gold dragon. “Take these seeds and plant them. You must nurture them and teach them for they will be your tools to complete this task. You must be like a father to them, for they will look up to you as one. To them you'll be known as ‘The Father’.”

    The gold dragon bowed to the tree and turned to carry out the task in which it had been given. Throughout the universe it planted the seeds and nurtured them. As they grew the gold dragon taught them everything they would need as instructed by the tree of life.

    When the seeds were mature the gold dragon brought all of his children together. “You are now ready to begin to bring life to this empty space. After you have begun life, you will then be charged as guardians, with watching over that life until the end of time. Your first task is to take these seeds and plant them for they will be the light and space the new life needs. From these seeds shall spring fourth planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies from which all life shall grow. When the seeds have matured I shall call you back and we shall plant the seeds on the individual planets to grow. Now, go forth my children, and complete your first task.”

    The guardians paired off and went about planting the galaxy with the beginning of life. For the first time since the existence of the tree of life, time was able to be measured by the movement of the galaxies. One rotation of a galaxy would be equivalent of hundreds of billions of years as humans would measure it. It took millions of rotations for all the seeds to mature.

    During this time the tree again summoned the father to her. “When all is completed you will send the Black Guardian and the White Guardian to me, for I have a special mission for them to complete. Once this is done, all the guardians will go fourth and begin bringing the individual life to this universe.”

    When the time and finally come the guardians once again sought out ‘The Father’ and awaited his next order. “You have done well my children. Now you'll take these seeds and choose a planet. On this planet you shall plant the seeds and nurture them. You shall become the guardians to these seeds. Allow them to grow on their own and protect them. This is my final charge to you.” All but two of the guardians left to carry out their charge. These two who considered themselves brothers awaited the attention of ‘The Father’.

    “You two have been chosen by the tree of life to carry out a special mission. The seeds that you carry are very special to the tree. You are to nurture them and protect them the same as everyone else, but you are to help them grow. The life that these seeds create shall know of you. The tree has seen that if the galaxy is to survive you must carry out these orders. All life will depend on whether or not you succeed.”

    The Black Guardian looked up at ‘The Father’ and asked one single question. “This is a big responsibility that the mighty tree has bestowed upon us. Does she not feel the need to appoint more guardians to this task.”

    “The tree of life has deemed that you and your brother are the only two that is needed to accomplish this task. She is placing her trust and the fate of all life in your possession.”
    “We will not fail her, father.”

    “That is why she has chosen you for this task. Out of all the guardians you two are the only ones that she feels able to bear this task. You will not have to choose the planet in which you will start life, it has been chosen for you. All you need to do is plant the seeds and watch over them.”

    “How are we to save life?”

    “When the time comes, then and only then will it be revealed to you. Until such time you will do everything she tells you to.”

    “But father, how will we know what she wants? Are you to relay the instructions?”

    “No, you are to go and see her yourself. She has requested this meeting to explain her intentions and what is required to you. Now if you will follow me, I will take you to her.”

    The two brothers were led to the tree of life. When they arrived, they both fell to their knees before her. Immediately images began forming their mind, thus was her method of communication. The brothers’ watch the pictures roll by and as clearly as if she would have spoke to them, the words flow through their minds.

    “You two are to be in charge of my greatest creation. You are to watch over it and nurture it. For I see a trial of greater than anything you'll ever know come before you. Out of all the guardians, you alone have the power and the will to face this trial and successfully overcome it. You already have the strength of brotherhood to each other. This alone can stand up to almost any power that you will face. But this bond will not be enough. There is a power that is greater than any power you will ever face. It is for this power that you must search for and find if you are to survive your greatest challenge. I cannot tell you what this power is. Only that it's a power of the heart. You will not find it alone, nor will you find it through each other. You must search throughout the universe and with the help of another guardian will you unlock it.”

    “How will we know when we have found it?”

    “This power that you seek will leave a mark upon your heart. Once you have found it, you'll know it for what it is.”
    “When will we find this power?”

    “You'll find this power when it happens, for this is a power that even I cannot control, nor would I want to. To let this power run wild within your heart would give you a power that would be close to mine. You'll need this type of power if you are to survive, and survive you must. All life will depend on it. Now go fourth and plant the seeds that I am about to give you, and fulfill your oath to ‘The Father’ and myself.”

    The two brothers looked at each other as they rose and left. Each one wondering about what was said as much as what was not said. Following the trees advice they found the planet that she wished the seeds to be planted upon. There they set about the task of bringing life to be.

    The White guardian turned to his brother, “I wonder why she wants life on this planet specifically.”

    “I don't know, but did you get the feeling that there was a lot left unsaid?”

    “It was if she was almost afraid to tell us the whole story. I mean she mentioned something about a trial, and a power that would rival hers. What kind of power could we possess that would be that strong?”

    “I don't know.”

    “She said that we had to search through the universe to find it, and only with the help of another guardian would we find it. What does she mean by that?”

    “Again, I don't know. As soon as life has a good hold on this planet I think we should begin looking for that power that she talked about.”

    “We can't just leave the planet unwatched. We have an oath to fulfill.”

    “Than we have to leave separately, one watches the planet while the other one searches. I sensed urgency in the way she described the power. I don't think that we have much time to discover it before we need to use it.”

    “Neither do I. As soon as life gets a good hold I want you to go and begin the search. I'll watch the planet until you return. Just do me a favor, do not return without it.”

    They watched as life slowly began to grow across the face of the planet. Watching each stage of growth they waited. When creatures began walking across the face of the planet they knew it was time.

    The black dragon left search for a power that neither of them knew what it was.

    On the other side of the universe, a guardian could be seen withering in agony before her body was slowly consumed by the forbidding. An inhuman scream could be heard as another guardian watched helplessly as his mate was utterly consumed. Something within him snapped at that point. Anger built up inside him, anger like he had never felt before. As the last traces of his mate vanished hatred slowly consumed him.

    Slowly anger overtook the guardian. It's consumed him within, a fire born on the hatred that the tree of life had betrayed him. No warning was ever given about the forbidding. He blamed his mate's death on the tree for not telling them that. From this anger arose a hatred for the tree and all she stood for. He made a vow that he would hunt her down, and make her pay for taking his mate.

    In the center of the universe two entities watched these events unfold. One looked up as words began forming in his head. “It has begun.”

    “But they’re not ready for it. They don't stand a chance. They'll all be slaughtered and not be able to fight back.”

    “This is the day that I feared would come. There's nothing more we can do, the fate of all life is in their hands. It is up to them now.”

    “Can’t we help? At least give them a fighting chance.”

    “I’m afraid it's out of our hands. Only they have the power.”

    “But they're not ready.”

    One by one they watched as the guardians fell to this one guardian’s anger. But the one thing this guardian did not know was that a guardian could never truly die. A guardian’s body could be destroyed, but two things would remain.

    The first was the guardian’s spirit, released to roam the universe looking for another host. Once a suitable body was found the spirit would plant itself inside and begin life again but with no memory of its previous existence.

    The other thing that remained behind was a crystal about four inches across and one-half inch thick. This crystal would take on the color of its host. When the crystal was brought forward and merged with the spirit of the guardian in the new body, all the guardians’ memories would be restored to it.

    This was explained to the other entity as he watched another guardian fall to this evil guardian.

    “I just hope that they find what they're looking for before it's too late, before there are no guardians left to restore them.”

    “Have faith in them, after all they were chosen just for this reason.”