20 October 2014
Going to try something different. Been playing The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim lately. I decided that I am going to make an Ebony Bow. I'm gonna use wood and hand carve the bow. Let's see how my carving skills are. I'm gonna post pics of my progress in the gallery section under Ebony Bow.
21 December 2013
I've set up the basics of how each individual bio will go along with adding that template to each character in the relevant stories. Please note that all stories are not being worked on and will not have any bios under them. I have also completed the template on my links page and will try to have all my links transferred over soon. Lastly, I have added chapters to two of my online stories, Neverwinter Nights and A Stellar Affair
5 November 2013
Website completely overhauled and live. All links are not fully completed due to the associated materials not being completed. As the material becomes available it will be posted and updated appropriately. I apologize for the amout of links not up and running. Please be patient, I am learning web design as I go and get sidetracked easily. Oooooo Shiney............




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